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SEGÐU BARA NEI ... útskýrt

Skiltið sem vakti hvað mesta athygli í nýlegri umfjöllun Stundarinnar og fleiri fjölmiðla í laugardagsmótmælunum þar sem mælt er með mannréttindum er segðu bara NEI skiltið. Hér er skiltahaldarinn Anna Loptinskaya að útskýra hvað það stendur fyrir.


JUST SAY NO" sign explained. I will be out again Saturday at 1300, feel free to ask me questions in person.

The only thing necessary for evil to succeed, is for the good people to do nothing. Today, we are facing the greatest threat to human rights in the west since WW2. All of our freedoms are being stripped from us: financial, property rights, privacy, body autonomy, and freedom of movement. And yet, many people stay silent because they are afraid of either a fictional threat from a mild illness or of being accused of not being “nice” individuals. Fear has always been a tool of control and brainwash. Today, fear is the real pandemic and it will kill. Fear, is what makes men irrational and puts them at the whim of the authorities. Fear makes people stop examining such facts as the falling death rate from covid, the dangerousness of the vaccine, or the ineffectiveness of all lockdown and testing procedures. Fear is the reason no one raises questions when Þorolfur makes contradictory statements a few months apart: such as stating last winter that it would not be possible to close the country, then closing it in the spring, or stating that there is no need to widely use masks, then forcing a mask mandate in stores, etc. Furthermore, due to the lack of opposition because of this fear, suicides and drug overdose deaths are skyrocketing, people are losing all of their investments, jobs, businesses, and hope. And yet, some of these same people say nothing, and by that, they give the full sanction to the authorities to do what they please. But, as history teaches us with any power grab by the authorities, nothing except strong, steady and unapologetic opposition will restore the rights back to the individuals. We are now living in the definition of fascism, which is when the government has the full authority to dictate to individuals how, when and if to use their property or business. It is up to each individual to stop the sanction of the fascist measures that are now upon us.

To do this, we must SAY NO TO QUARANTINE. Once we accept this as the new normal, it can be extended indefinitely, for instance with the flu next year, and the year after that. We cannot say that the government can quarantine people due to illness with a case death rate of 0.5%, but not for 0.4%, or 0.1%, etc. Where could you possibly draw the line, and how, and who will decide that? Quarantine is literally house arrest, and the government should have no authority to house arrest anyone who has not caused willful harm to another person. This includes healthy or even sick individuals. For even if an individual is sick, he should only be held responsible and legally arrested if he has in fact infected another person, and caused them great harm, and if this other person was not willing to assume the infection risk. Such a thing has always been illegal. However, giving the government the right to house arrest thousands of people is a violation of individual rights. It is a dangerous and slippery slope, which is why we must categorically say NO to house arrest-quarantine.

In a similar way, we must SAY NO TO LOCKDOWNS of any private business. This is a great infringement on the rights of individuals to do business with others. As covid is a widely known fact to everyone, it is clear that anyone who is willing to operate a business or be a customer of a business are well aware of all the risks. So, by mandating that gyms and hair salons close and putting huge opening restrictions on bars and restaurants, who is the government protecting? People who want to have zero risk of getting infected are under no obligation to participate in any of these businesses. The mandated closures only keep those of us that wish to accept the risks and possibly get covid from earning a living, using services, and running businesses. This is why we must raise our voices and say NO to Lockdowns.

But, to say no in a non-apologetic way, we have to lift all of the symbols of fear and brainwash, which is why we must SAY NO TO MASKS. Masks (outside of healthcare settings) are an outrageous tool of control. Of course, businesses are free to have mask mandates if they wish and those that wish to never get infected can only attend those places with the mask rules, but this is up to each business to decide. As most businesses did not have mask rules, prior to the government mandate, we can safely assume this goes against their wishes and common sense. In reality, masks do not protect from covid in most cases (as the virus particles and the smallest airborne drops are smaller than the distance between mask fibers), but they do institute an atmosphere of fear. We see this today with people driving alone, cycling, or even running alone with masks. Their fear overrides even the basic instinct to breathe freely. Masks institute an environment where we have a daily physical reminder to be afraid, and accept any other measure the authorities want to throw at us, especially when they promise if we only social distance, avoid crowds, avoid travel, take the vaccine in a few months, they will lift the mask mandate. This is why we must absolutely say NO to Masks.

Another tool of promoting fear and control is the daily covid case update. Notice how it is not even about the deaths, but cases, we need to say NO to TESTING, unless medically needed. Most deaths we had this fall have come from Landakot, where it was the grave error of the health personnel to let covid spread inside what should be a secure health facility for the vulnerable senior individuals. These deaths could have thus been avoided with proper procedures. Additionally, the average age of those that died this fall is well over 80. Normally, news of such deaths that are over the average life expectancy do not even make the news cycle. That is why the focus is on the infection rate numbers, as this helps maintain the state of fear. As the PCR Test has already been shown to give false positives, and due to a large number of asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic cases, the more tests are done, the more cases will be found. Such tactics, as offering free tests in universities and suggesting that everyone with mild cold symptoms gets tested, help drive up the case numbers. The best thing to do is never volunteer for such a test (unless medically needed.) Stay home if you have mild cold symptoms, but do not report yourself to the authorities. This way you can avoid adding to the case numbers that are used as a tool to take away your freedoms. Do not give sanction for your rights being violated and say NO to Testing.

Of course, the greatest threat to our freedoms is a vaccine mandate. Because autonomy over our own bodies is a basic right, we must say and absolute NO to a VACCINE mandate. Þorolfur stated that other restrictions can only be lifted if 80% to 90% of the population is vaccinated. Presumably, the authorities are ready to punish us with continued restrictions on our freedoms, unless enough of us are willing to take the politically rushed cocktail of a vaccine. Normally vaccine studies include looking at the long term side effects. In fact, companies such as Pfizer, will monitor volunteers for 2 years, yet they are selling the vaccine only months after giving it to the volunteers. This is why all the vaccine companies have gotten legal liability exemptions from all the governments that are purchasing the vaccines. They are not willing to sell otherwise. We know that previous similar vaccines for the swine flu caused serious side effects in thousands of patients. This vaccine has been even more rushed, with governments paying vaccine companies billions up front to manufacture a new type of vaccine that has never been developed before. Of course, there is a possibility that there will be a safe vaccine. But, not a high probability of that given the short amount of time of vaccine development, thus making it impossible to look at any long term serious side effects. Also, it has been reported that participants in few vaccine trials were instructed to take paracetamol, therefore, we can even suspect some short term side effects as well. Keeping in mind, that the chances of dying from covid for most people are less then dying from the flu, any acceptable vaccine should have a higher safety level then even all of the traditional vaccines from very deadly illnesses such as polio, rubella, mumps, etc. Hence, taking the covid vaccine is an absolute irrational risk and we must say NO to a Vaccine mandate of any kind.

And if we do, the authorities are likely to force us to keep other restrictions on our freedoms, such as quarantine, lockdowns, masks, etc. The only way to fight this, is to demand, without fear, to have ALL our freedoms back immediately. For anything less will lead us into perpetual slavery, where we have no autonomy over our lives. The only thing you should fear is being too afraid to fight for your own rights. Now is the time to let go of fear and fight for freedom.


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